Today, I tried a new back workout with only bodyweight. It included a compound exercise like all of my workouts. It’s kind of a reverse pyramid training. I started with 8 reps of wide grip pull ups and went on with 8 reps of close grip chin ups without break. Then, I rested for two minutes and repeated the superset with 7 reps each and went so on until 1 rep of each exercise:

8 reps wide grip pull ups
8 reps small grip chin ups

2 min rest

7 reps wide grip pull ups
7 reps small grips chin ups

2 min rest

….I think you got the idea.

I was pretty exhausted after those 72 pullups in total but still wanted to add another exercise.

The second part of the workout were 5 sets of 8 front-lever raises: you basicly hang on a high pullup bar and try to press into the front-lever and this for 8 times. This movement requires a strong back and to be honest, I was not able to end my two last sets – I stucked around 4-5 reps.

Well – that’s it. If you’re bored of your current workout routine or just want to experience something new, give it a try!

I really enjoyed the workout and will repeat it at least once a week. Of course I aim for progression. In this case, I would just shorten the rest time to 1min 30 sec or ever 1 min. If it’s still too easy, you can easily start at a higher rep amount (10 reps of each exercise).

Let me know if you have any questions.

– Tinu



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