Train Like An Athlete. Perform Like A Gymnast.


My name is Martin


I’m a fitness enthusiast from Switzerland.


Over the last 5 years, I’ve been active in calisthenics, weightlifting and gymnastics. I’ve tried many different fitness programs, techniques and all kind of diets on my fitness journey. I struggled a lot on my way to a better version of myself. In fact, I’ve failed over and over again!


Still. I’m glad I’ve tried so many things as I gained experience which you can’t get from reading books or fitness magazines. I finally know what diets and workout programs actually work and which do not. My mission is to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to get fit and stronger, become more muscular and athletic, or want to lose body fat.

What clients say

The cooperation with Martin was a full success. His advice and recommendations on diet and exercising were motivating, realistic and could easily be transferred to praxis.

I personally think two factors are crucial in order to have success: On the one hand, you need to be disciplined and on the other hand, a coach who motivates and shows you the right direction is required. First-mentioned needs to be acquired by everyone’s own – for the latter I highly recommend Martin.


Let me help you

Fat Loss

Beach Body Home Workout

Get fit with the Beach Body Home Workout. Train Anywhere, Anytime and at Any Place. The ideal fitness program for busy people on the go!

Custom Training Plan

Let me create a custom workout program which is specifically designed for your personal goals. Free weights, bodyweight exercises or machines, let me know what’s available and I’ll provide you a program for best results.

Custom Meal Plan

Diet is as important as training when it comes to build muscle or lose body fat. Let me design you a custom meal plan which is adapted to your individual lifestyle.

Performance Meets Aesthetics

The Muscle Building Workout Program

The ‘Performance meets Aesthetics’-Program is a complete muscle building workout program. It is based on three different phases, which all have their own purpose. While in phase one and two the focus is on building strength and muscle, the third phase is fully designed to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Depending on body fat percentage, goals and progression, each phase can be followed from 5 to maximal 10 weeks. The cycle can be repeated as many times as you want.

What you can expect:

  • A meal plan for best performance and maximum muscle growth

  • A meal plan for losing body fat while maintaining muscle mass

  • Three different workout plans, based on weights and bodyweight training

  • Supplement recommendations for each phase

  • General advices on how to keep your diet clean

  • My personal take on learning bodyweight skills

  • Advice on cardio training

In addition, access to me via email is included with the program.

Please note that some workouts can be done without any special equipment. However, as the program also includes weight training, a gym membership is required.

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