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Do you wake up everyday feeling sluggish and weighted down by the significant amounts of fat you’ve gained?

You continue to blame your overloaded daily schedule for the rising numbers on the scale…

Your favorite shirts and trousers don’t fit you anymore…

You feel like you don’t have control over your routine, which is fast-paced and more chaotic than a hurricane.

Running from task to task, from meeting to meeting, from responsibility to responsibility.

No wonder you can’t find the time, energy and motivation to spend hours at the gym every day.

It’s very easy to get absorbed in your work and family responsibilities. I understand that sometimes your health gets pushed on the backburner. But you cannot continue on the same path any longer. 

At the end of the day every part of your life relies on you being in good health, physically and mentally. 

It’s time to make a change for the better!

As a businessman and father myself, I understand the challenges and unrewarding days that come with trying to stay in shape while balancing a demanding career and family commitments. That’s why I have developed a solution that is tailored specifically to busy professionals and fathers.

Book a free consultation now, so we can co-create a foolproof game plan that perfectly matches your schedule and goals and helps you achieve your desired results in the least amount of time possible.

Customer Success Stories

Check out what results are possible with GymPerformance.

Miguel Tejada

Commercial Driver

-19 Kg in 4 months


“I’m losing weight while gaining muscle mass!”

Robert Overholt

Manager, Father

-8.5 Kilos


“I’m fitter than many of the 20-year-old football players in my team.”

Kevin Duss

Lean Agile Leader

-10 Kg in 90 Days


“I’ve been working with Martin about 3 months. I lost 10 kilos and am back on track!”

Jamie Arnold

Wealth Manager / Banker

-8 Kilos


“I lost 8 kilos. I feel much stronger physically, and also mentally.”

Nic Gautier

Entrepreneur, Investor, Father

Fit Entrepreneur


“Martin keeps me nice and active!”

Chris Nemeth

Sales Manager

Sixpack Abs in 3 Months


“Martin’s coaching is a game-changer for busy guys like me!”


Real Results From Real People

Frédéric Mathier

Frédéric Mathier

Managing Director


I can recommend Martin to anyone who wants to be fitter and healthier. With him, I finally managed to integrate sport into my busy everyday life between family and business with many external appointments. The combination of coaching, support through an app, compilation of training courses and individual tips are unique on the German-speaking market.

If you finally want to integrate the topic of sport into your everyday business and want to implement and achieve your goals, then book an appointment with Martin and get to know him.

Walter Oberli

Walter Oberli

Expert for digitization and e-commerce


If you want to lose weight or improve your fitness, you’ve come to the right place with Martin Blättler.

With Martin I have clearly exceeded my weight loss goals. I had set an ambitious goal, which I considered unrealistic.

The contacts with Martin were all super friendly, pleasant, constructive and professional.

I can unconditionally recommend Martin Blättler as an online fitness coach and would work with him again at any time.

Christoph Bank

Christopher Bank

Global Strategic Account Manager


Need to change your life? Get leaner, get stronger, get more active?

Here’s the Guy you need: Martin Blättler.

 Thanks Martin for helping me to eliminate my inner bastard and get me up!

Fabian Blättler

Fabian Blättler

Head of E-Commerce & Design


Martin is an extremely committed coach. You can reach him almost 24/7 and he is at your side with advice and action.

I was able to achieve some success with him and can 100% recommend him!

Ali Manouchehri

Ali Manouchehri

Dad, Investor, Entrepreneur


I have worked with a few coaches in the past and what I love most about Martin is his knowledge and flexibility.

He is very positive and has a ”can do” mentality which I love. The fact that he’s a dad himself and we get to talk about fatherhood sometimes, makes him understand me and my needs as a dad who wants to be fit and healthy even better.

Peter Von Moos

Peter von Moos

Board Member


Martin gave me a much-needed wakeup call with regards to my training and dietary routine. With his personalized training and diet program and bi-weekly checkins it was easy to break sub-optimal habits and form better ones.
This has led to a significant transformation of body composition (lost fat, gained muscles) and the new routine also has had positive spill-over effects into many other important aspects of my life, including energy level, mindset, resourcefullness, sleep etc.

Martin has a Plan that works and Martin makes sure you stick to that Plan. Thank you Martin.

Why Busy Professionals and Fathers Are At The Right Place At GymPerformance

GymPerformance Martin Blättler3


A unique fitness routine is crucial for achieving the best results. At GymPerformance you don’t get a copy paste training and nutrition plan that has been used by 10,000 other people. With us, you’ll get a specifically tailored plan based on your goals, schedule and current situation. The plan will ensure that you accomplish your goals in the fastest and most optimized way possible, and you choose if your workouts are gym-based or home-based. With my help, victory is inevitable!

GymPerformance Martin Blättler


Most diets in the fitness space are not even 1% sustainable, even though there are hundreds of them.You’ve probably heard of, or even tried fad diets, which promote fast weight loss but keep you depleted of energy and pose massive risks for your health and wellbeing. Cut out carbs, eat only grapefruit and overdose on fat burners, just to gain the weight back 5 days later? No thanks! At GymPerformance you get a sustainable solution that will keep you satisfied at all times, doesn’t require counting calories and doesn’t lead to the yo-yo effect.

GymPerformance - Motivation


You want to get in shape as a busy professional or father? Honestly, nobody can show you how to achieve your desired results better than someone who embodies exactly that! As a businessman and father, I know the challenges and inconveniences you have to go through in your day to day life, that’s exactly why I have the best solution for you!

Why Online Coaching Works Particularly Well For Fathers and Busy Professionals

Why Online Coaching Works Particularly Well For Fathers and Busy Professionals


The coaching includes not only a training and nutrition plan.

It also embraces regular mindset and progress checks. Those are things that most coaching programs fail to deliver to their clients. They keep you accountable, ensure that you progress with maximum speed and help you navigate any roadblocks that you may encounter.


Whether you’re at the gym or at home. Evening or morning. With weights or your own weight. Five or three sessions a week. Plans are adaptable and flexible, so you have the freedom to train whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you, rather than being tied to rigid schedules.


Do you frequently travel for work or enjoy going on vacations? Whether you find yourself in the icy reaches of Antarctica or the scorching sands of the Sahara, you can always stay connected to your plans with a simple app that puts me at your fingertips. When you are alone the journey is difficult, that’s why I’m always here to help make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

The GymPerformance Success Factors At A Glance

GymPerformance Ernährung

1. Sustainable Diet Approach

95% percent of weight loss attempts do not result in long term weight-loss. Why? That’s because extreme forms of diet and time consuming nutrition regimes are often not feasible in the long term and deplete your energy while leading to the yo-yo effect.

Here at GymPerformance the goal is to fix these problems, not reinforce them. 

That’s why we give you self-developed diet templates, which allow you to be flexible with your diet and don’t even require counting calories.

People describe our diet templates with three words: 

Sustainable, Efficient and Effective

2. Tailored Training Plan

Balancing work,family and fitness is extremely exhausting and very hard to do.

Countless hours spent in the gym are possible only for a few.

The good news is that none of this is necessary.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have available, what equipment you have or even if you have access to a gym. I’ll show you how you can achieve outstanding results no matter your situation.

GymPerformance - Training
GymPerformance Fortschrittsüberwachung

3. Motivational
and Progress Check-Ins

Accountability is irreplaceable when you are starting your fitness journey. 

That’s why we will regularly analyze your progress and make the necessary changes to your diet and training, with regular check-ins.

By doing this, we will make sure that you never feel lost or hit a plateau, more importantly, that you progress in the most optimized way possible.

About Martin Blättler

My big passion for health, nutrition and fitness began when I was just 16 years old.

I started out completely clueless and inexperienced. As you can imagine I made every beginner’s mistake.

Over the years I have tried endless forms of nutrition and training and have experienced first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

My great passion then brought me to Santa Monica. The six months there were shaped by one thing in particular: fitness. Training sessions at Golds Gym, bodyweight beach workouts, and reading non-fiction books on training and nutrition, were on the daily schedule.

But honestly, what sets me apart even more is my story:

Even though I’ve been coaching since 2014, it only got really interesting four years later when I unexpectedly became a father. This, combined with the simultaneous step towards independence and emigration to Brazil, was a massive challenge for me… ( More on this in my book )

Martin Blättler Before
Martin Blättler - After

As a new family man, the priorities changed suddenly and hours of training were no longer possible. To be honest, I didn’t have the energy anymore and I used every free minute to sleep.

And yet: Dad Bod was not an option for me. 

On the contrary! I wanted to prove that you can be fit and energetic…

…despite paternity

…despite entrepreneurship

…despite emigration

… despite limited time and many commitments

Said and done. 

I managed to get fitter than ever as a father and business owner and to this day I am in top physical shape.

It is precisely the extensive knowledge and experience I have gathered through the years that I pass on to my customers today. 

You can do it too!

Martin Blättler - After

These Are The Next Steps


Click on the button and choose an appointment for a non-binding consultation.


Answer the questions so I can get a rough picture of your current situation. This will give me the ability to prepare for the call.


We hop on a call and discuss whether and how I can help you achieve your goals.

More Success Stories

Over 350 Successful Transformations

Adrian Hess

Entrepreneur, Father


“I lost 15kg of body fat, gained muscle mass, and even the six-pack is showing!”

Michael Oakes

Gym Owner, Father

Fitter, Leaner, Stronger


“I absolutely love it!”

Pieter Liem

Entrepreneur, Father

Sixpack Abs in 3 Months


“I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Nick Metzger


Less body fat. More muscle mass.


“I’m much leaner but still managed to gain muscle!”

Pascal Mrak

Product Manager

From Dad Bod To Fit Dad


“I feel better than ever!”

Alan Kenney

Senior Electrical Design

Type 1 Diabetic Gets SIXPACK ABS


“I’ve lost body fat and gained muscle mass. I really love the results I’m getting!”

John Jodel Mabagos

SAP Security Manager

Fit IT Consultant


“Martin helped me a lot, 
physically as well as mentally!”

Why are you still waiting?

If you’ve made it this far, you are more than ready for a positive change.

Now you have two options:

Option #1: You close the page and go back to your daily life feeling exhausted, unmotivated and unhappy with your body

Remember, things get harder and harder the more you wait.

Option #2: You secure your free strategy call where we will talk about your starting position and figure out the best way forward.

Click the button below, You will 100% not regret it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we talk about the price, I would like to know a little more about you. In a free consultation, we analyze where you currently stand, what challenges you face, what changes you want to make and what goals you want to achieve.

If you qualify for coaching at GymPerformance and a coaching slot is free, I will offer you an individual fitness program.

Attention: My coaching capacities are limited. If I offer you a coaching slot, I expect a definitive decision within 2 days.

Absolutely not! Women are more than welcome at Gym Performance. I have trained several mothers and women in management positions.

Basically, there is only one right answer to this question: Now! 

Whether you’re busy, have a heavy workload, or are about to change jobs… In reality, there will ALWAYS be reasons that could keep you from getting in shape. Maybe it’s a job change now, then relationship stress follows and you totally forget about your health. Suddenly. BOOM, it’s Christmas again, you know it!😉

Therefore: START NOW

No. You don’t need to have a certain level of fitness and you don’t need to have any knowledge about it, as I’ll show you everything extensively.

The coaching works for beginners the same as it works for world champions(literally, see testimonials). Remember that  the fitness program is fully customized 

What I expect from you:

Will : If you are willing to make positive changes, then GymPerformance is the right place for you.

Openness to learn : In the course of the coaching you will get introduced to new methods. This requires you to be open to new inputs.

Commitment : I expect you to participate and follow the plans as best as you can. 

I’ll do whatever it takes to get you in shape. If you bring the same attitude and meet these three requirements, nothing stands in the way of your fit and powerful body!

Still Sceptical?

Here Are A Few More Testimonials:

It's Time To Take Action!

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Specific results of the participants in the coaching do not have to be typical, nor can these results be guaranteed.

We do not promise anyone that the same result will be achieved immediately and in every case, because that would be unacceptable for us and unfair to you.

Of course, the statements are real, we are very proud of what our members have already achieved with our coaching.

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