Performance Meets Aesthetics

The Muscle Building Workout Program


Look in the mirror.

Do you like what you see?

Are you ready to reach new heights in STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE?

Other fitness programs focus on EITHER performance OR looking good…

SACRIFICING one for the other…

But for the FIRST time…

You don’t have to choose.


In a REVOLUTIONARY approach to fitness, the Performance Meets Aesthetics Program…

Joins BOTH…


Reach your FULL POTENTIAL with the Performance Meets Aesthetics Program.

Success in 3 Simple Phases

The Performance Meets Aesthetics Program is divided into three phases.  Each phase targets your body in a different way.  This comprehensive program eliminates the need to purchase additional workout routines as you finish each phase.  You simply head over to the next phase and stimulate your muscles in a completely new way. Your body will have NO CHOICE other than to adapt.

You will get BIGGER and STRONGER.


Gain muscle / Lose body fat

Phase 1: Build MUSCLE MASS


  • 5 workouts a week
  • Focus on compound exercises
  • Low reps, heavy load
  • Special meal plan designed for maximum muscle gain
  • List of recommended supplements



  • 6 workouts a week
  • Sets in hypertrophy range
  • Bodyweight exercises only
  • Tutorial on how to adjust diet, in case you’ve gained too much body fat in phase 1

Phase 3: Get BEACH BODY definition


  • 6 workouts a week
  • Sets in hypertrophy range
  • Weights and bodyweight mixed workouts
  • Advanced bodyweight exercises
  • Special meal plan for maximum fat loss
  • List of recommended supplements
  • Advice on cardiovascular training

Bodyweight exercises are underestimated.

Yet, have you looked at a GYMNAST?

Do you know who Jake Dalton, Brandon Wynn, or Rudy Van Gelder are?

If not, Google them.

What do you see?

They are RIPPED.


Their training consists mainly of BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES.

To the tune of about 80% of their training volume.

Learn from these finely tuned athletes…

Bodyweight exercises work.  Which is why the Performance Meets Aesthetics Program uses the power of bodyweight exercise to achieve extraordinary results.

The Performance Meets Aesthetics Program is extremely affordable.

In fact, for less than eating a meal out, you can achieve the RESULTS you YEARN for.

What customers are saying…

I used to be in really good shape and used to break dance.  I could do really explosive movements.  But I stopped and I let my body and fitness go downhill.  I tried Freeletics, but just couldn’t nail the diet part.  I just couldn’t get any results.  But when I found and followed the Performance Meets Aesthetics Program, and saw RESULTS in ONLY 3 WEEKS, I was blown away.  I am psyched!

Antony Ambühl

I was a really skinny guy.  I couldn’t put on muscle mass to save my life.  I had a hard time doing push-ups.  I tried the Performance Meets Aesthetics Program and in less than six months, I put on MUSCLE MASS and can hold a front lever AND a ton of push-ups!


David Burch

For only 39$, you get:

  • A customized meal plan designed for performance and muscle growth
  • A customized meal plan designed for losing body fat, while maintaining muscle mass
  • Three different workout plans, integrating both weight training and bodyweight training
  • Supplement recommendations for each phase
  • Clean diet recommendations
  • An overview of bodyweight exercise and balance skills
  • Guidance on integrating cardio training

Keep in mind… we all started somewhere.