The perfect fitness program for people with a busy schedule!

Gym Performance SMART FIT

Gym Performance SMART FIT

The new training program for businessmen, entrepreneurs and family men is perfectly tailored to the needs of truly busy people. The innovative concept of SMART FIT is specifically aimed at people who have little time in terms of fitness, but do not want to compromise. In this way, maximum results can be achieved with a minimum expenditure of time, combined with intensive training sessions. Gym Performance guarantees better fitness and more power. Good looks are not a matter of time, but rather a question of how smart the time available is used.

Fitnessprogramm Trainingsplan


Maximum results with minimal effort.

Fitnessprogramm Ernährungsplan


3 workouts of approx. 60 minutes per week.

Fitnessprogramm Standortbestimmung


12 weeks, divided into 3 different phases.

Strength and fitness do not need to fall victim to a busy schedule. SMART FIT delivers maximum results with a minimum expenditure of time!

The training program for businessmen goes through three phases. In each phase, the number of exercise repetitions as well as the recommended breaks between the sentences are exactly specified. For best possible explanation, all exercises are illustrated.

Gym Performance SMART FIT Phase 1

1. Basic strength building

Improve in strength,
increase in power capacity

Gym Performance SMART FIT Phase 2

2. Targeted muscle growth

Significant muscle growth,
more pronounced muscles

Gym Performance SMART FIT Phase 3

3. Improvement of strength-endurance

Improved coordination,
increase of fitness level

In addition, all participants receive exclusive access to a private Facebook group. Here, participants can privately exchange experiences among like-minded people and motivate each other.

Gym Performance SMART FIT

Simple but effective.

SMART FIT is the perfect training plan for truly busy people.

Real variety

Fitness programs from magazines and websites are often boring and explicit. This concept, on the other hand, ensures regular alternation with exciting and versatile exercises.

Smarter, not harder

Good and effective fitness training does not have to take a lot of time. SMART FIT has been designed with an intelligent know-how and promises highly efficient training success.

Proven content

Gym Performance attaches great importance to the feedback of customers and users. This training concept is based on the current scientific state of knowledge and has been complemented with practical experience.

Are you one of those people who do not have much time but still want to keep fit?

Discover SMART FIT, join the Gym Peformance Community and get a fit body like never before!

The simple and effective SMART FIT program is now available at the introductory price of 79$!

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does SMART FIT include?

This Gym Performance concept is a 12-week training program for entrepreneurs, family men and truly busy people. The program consists of a PDF document in which the individual training units with numbers of sets and repetitions are clearly depicted. In addition, each exercise is illustrated by pictures. The document can be either transferred to a mobile device or printed out. This way, workouts can constantly be recorded and continuous progress can be ensured.

When will I get the training plan?

Just a few minutes after order completion, you will receive an email with the enclosed PDF document. Hence, you can get started with the program on the same day.

Does SMART FIT have a nutrition plan?

Gym Performance SMART FIT is solely a training program. A nutritional plan has been avoided deliberately because every kind of nutrition depends on various factors and hence should be personalized. However, for best results, SMART FIT is recommended to be combined with a fitness nutrition plan.

Due to time constraints, I can only exercise twice a week. Is SMART FIT still suitable for me?

SMART FIT is based on three training sessions a week, thereby straining the entire body in each case. However, even those who can only exercise twice a week due to a busy appointment schedule will be able to achieve good results with the program.

Is a gym required?

Gym Performance SMART FIT includes exercises with dumbbells and gym equipment. For this reason, we recommend the membership in a fitness center. Alternatively, the workouts can be accomplished in a well-equipped home gym.

Does Gym Performance SMART FIT require a certain level of fitness?

No. This training program is suitable for beginners as well as advanced gym goers with limited time.

What makes SMART FIT so effective?

SMART FIT was designed according to the motto “maximum results with a minimum expenditure of time”. The 12-week training program includes three different phases, which are focused on specific goals each. While traditional fitness programs are often unbalanced and monotonous, SMART FIT offers variety and guarantees great results through proven training methods.