Info: This blog post covers a review on the pre workout supplement called GAT JetFuse NOX.

Pre workout supplements boost your energy levels whenever you’re tired or fatigued. Especially over last few years, the pre workout market has rapidly increased. Pretty much every supplement manufacture has its own booster. While some of them contain high dosages of various stimulants, there are supplements which really help build muscle as they do not only provide you with energy, but also support muscle repair and growth. Pre workout boosters are very controversial. In fact, most of them cannot be considered safe products. However, as I’ve had some of the best workouts in my life using a pre workout booster, I enjoy such supplements every now and then when I feel like I need some extra energy.

Not every pre workout booster is legal

One thing you’ll notice when considering which pre workout booster you want to buy is the different regulations between certain countries. In general, even though the American federal regulators ban  more and more ingredients, American supplement stores offer a much wider choice of pre workout supplements. Compared to Switzerland, even though you have to pay shipping costs, ordering from the United States is usually cheaper than buying supplements from a Swiss store. This does not apply to protein powder however, as protein boxes are heavy in weight, which can lead to very high shipping rates.

Supplements: Pre Workout Booster, Whey Protein, BCAA, Glutamin, Fish Oil

Before I teamed up with my sponsor Sportbenzin, I’d ordered all my supplements from the United States. My favorite online store was In the meantime of course, I take advantage of the local store Sportbenzin. Over the years, I figured out some other safe, American-based online stores which offer cheaper prices than, as well as lower shipping costs.  One of them is AllStarHealth, and another one is iHerbs. In conclusion, if you’re based in Switzerland, you should consider ordering your Whey Protein, Casein Protein or other heavy products such as Walden Farms sauces, Quest bars or Ready-To-Drink Protein shakes from a local store like Sportbenzin, and pre workout booster from an American store like AllStarHealth. Before you import anything however, make sure the products are legal in Switzerland, it is possible for customs to confiscate your order (Luckily, this has never to me … :)).

GAT JetFuse Nox: a Pre Workout booster I recommend

I personally have tried a wide range of different pre workout products. The list goes from Cellucor C4, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout, BSN N.O. Explode, MusclePharm Assault, PES High Volume, Pro Supps Mr. Hyde, Beast Sports Nutrition Beast Mode and so on. While I’ve purchased some boxes for myself, I’ve grabbed samples of all these products at fitness expos such as  Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas and FIBO in Köln, Germany. I’ve got to admit that I’ve experienced some very annoying moments with certain pre workout booster. VPX Friction for example gave me such a “cracked out” feeling that I simply couldn’t work out and had to stop my training and go home. Others did not affect me at all, with neither a noticeable pump, increased energy, nor more strength; absolutely nothing. A favorite pre workout booster of mine at this time is GAT JetFuse NOX.

GAT Supplements

GAT JetFuse NOX: Huge servings, increased performance, solid pump and great taste

The ultra-potent pre-workout drink formulated for bodybuilders includes 52 servings and comes, compared to other boosters, with a HUGE scoop. In fact, one scoop measures 20 grams, while other scoop servings are 10 grams or even less. In addition, the recommended dosage is between one and three scoops.  Consequently, you can’t really expect it to last for 52 days as you might assume from the package label (52 servings). It also has to be said that more than one scoop not only affects your performance in a positive way, but also the taste. The very first time I tried it, I had only one scoop and enjoyed a workout with a solid pump and energy levels. Nevertheless, the “Wow, this exceeds all my expectations”-feeling stood out. Yet, this changed when I increased dosage to 2,5 scoops: Somehow my performance increased massively. For example, I was able to perform 3 sets of pull ups with additional weight of 25kg while I normally use a 20kg plate at maximum. Also, I noticed a good pump so the muscle looked especially full during the workout. Another thing I like about GAT JetFuxe Nox is that it doesn’t come with the usual “jitters” that heavily caffeinated supplements deliver.

In addition, in contrast to other pre workout boosters, GAT JetFuse NOX allows me to sleep. Most of the time I work out in the evenings, and as a matter of fact, too much stimulants can cause sleep problems. With GAT JetFuse Nox, fortunately, this is not the case. Last but not least, the taste of this supplement is one of the best in the pre workout market. Actually, there are two different flavors, Blue Raspberry and Exotic Fruit. While I use the former, other users report about the delicious taste of Exotic Fruit.


Above all, I recommend GAT JetFuse NOX for everyone who wants to step up their strength training without the hazards of insomnia or getting nervous. In comparison to other pre workout products, the box is relatively heavy and contains 52 servings. As the recommended dosage is one to three scoops, a box doesn’t last as long as the box and serving size might suggest. The powder tastes delicious and you can actually expect an increase in performance with GAT JetFuse NOX.

Where to buy GAT JetFuse NOX

The product is available on various online stores. However, I’ve never seen it in European stores. I can only relate to American and Swiss athletes as I’ve never shipped something to another country. For Americans and Swiss, I definitely recommend AllStarHealth, which provides the cheapest price and also affordable shipping costs.

GAT JetFuse NOX helps to improve gym performance

GAT JetFuse NOX can be bought here.

What is your favorite pre workout and why? Feel free to share your experiences with pre workout booster in the comment section.

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