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First of all, I’d like to give you a short update concerning my current fitness level: I’ve lost weight and also strength the last weeks as I couldn’t really work out and my diet was slacking off. Fortunately, military service is over for this year and so I’m back in the game. In the meantime, I recorded a new ring progression video, which I will upload the coming days.  The difference between the two videos is crazy, because I look much less muscular in the second one.  Gotta get those gainz back! 🙂  Check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it yet.

In this article I’d like to give my personal opinion to some often asked questions. Some of the questions are asked by people in my near environment, others are often discussed in internet forums. This time, my answers are not proved by studies or referenced to textbooks. So once again, it’s my personal opinion which is mostly based on experience. It’s definitely okay if you don’t agree on some statements; however, let me know which questions you’d answer different. I always like to hear different opinions and we might find a science-based answer. Enough said – here we go:

  • Is Whey Protein necessarily needed to build muscles?
    No. A protein shake after your training will probably have positive effects on recovery. However, if your diet contains enough protein, you will definitely gain muscles without additional protein shakes. Supplementing protein is a good way to fill up your daily protein needs though.
  • Which Whey Protein is the best?
    I personally prefer the protein from the brand “Optimum Nutrition”. However, there are thousands of different products on the market and even they taste worse or better, I guess they all do their job. Just make sure the product contains the lowest possible amount of fat as you don’t need fat post workout. You can find the most common brands in the online store of my sponsor Sportbenzin.
  • Is low carb diet is the most effective way to lose body fat?
    Well, this is where the calorie balance counts.  If you cut out all carbs in your diet, but still eat 5’000 kcal every day, you probably won’t lose body fat. If you cut out all carbs and replace them with vegetables, you will be in a calorie deficit and lose weight. Cutting out carbs helps to reduce the amount of calories you eat, so basically YES; it’s ONE way of hundreds to lose body fat.
  • Can I eat something different than rice and chicken to build muscles?
    Yes you can. I personally like to eat unprocessed foot like rice, potatoes, quinoa, fish, meat etc. However, as long as you hit your daily macros, you will build muscles. Of course you still have to work out… I guess that’s clear 😉
  • Is Protein the most important macro nutrition while building muscles?
    In my opinion carbs and fats are as important as protein. No doubt protein is needed by your body to recover damaged muscles cells also to build new ones.
  • Can my workouts last longer than 45 minutes?
    Yes they can.  I don’t see a reason why not.
  • Is creatine a steroid?
    Take it easy, it’s not.
  • How many grams of creatine should I take and when is the best time to take it?
    A dosage of 5g every day is enough. I recommend to take it after your workout, together with your whey protein.
  • Do I need to load creatine like it’s written on the package?
    I think it’s not necessary, so I never do.
  • Do I have to take BCAA intra workout?
    You don’t have to, but if you notice any positive effect, than take it. I personally don’t feel any difference with or without.
  • What is a pre workout supplement and do I need it?
    Pre workout supplements are design to increase energy in the gym. They can help you to keep focus, lift heavier weights and perform better.
  • Isn’t it dangerous to take pre workout products?
    Some of them contain strong stimulants, which are also used for party drugs (DMAA for example). I’d say it’s not really dangerous as long as you don’t overdose the product and. The most common side effect is insomnia, so I don’t recommend taking it evening/late night. Another thing is that your body will become resistant to stimulants when you take them every single day and the products will lose their effectiveness over time.
  • Can I take pre workout supplements every single day?
    I guess you can, but you definitely should not (read the answer above to know why not).
  • Which is the best pre workout product?
    Every person reacts different to all the stimulants.  I guess there is no “best” one. If you want to know which I already experienced, contact me.
  • Can I build muscles with bodyweight exercises?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I lose body fat with bodyweight exercises?
    Yes, it’s all about calorie balance.
  • Can I build muscles and lose body fat at the same time?
    Not really. Like I explained in another article, you have to be in a calorie surplus to build muscles and in calorie deficit to lose fat bat. If you try to reach both goals at one time, you probably won’t reach anything. It’s more effective to focus on one goal (either build muscles or lose bodyfat) at a time.
  • Which supplements do you recommend?
    Contact me and I will tell you.

Let me know if you wannna hear my opinion to other questions or if you need more information to a specific topic.

I hope you all are making good Christmas & New Year Gainz 😉

– Tinu



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