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Does your training plan include deadlifts or heavy rows with dumbbells and barbells? With heavy weights, the grip strength is often too weak, the hands open up an the weights falls to the ground. The exercise must then be stopped, although the actual target muscle (the back muscles) is far from exhausted. This is exactly where the lifting straps from GymPerformance come to play; they help to keep the weight firmly in hand without the weight slipping off due to lack of grip strength.

Use Case Martin:
Deadlifts without lifting straps: about 120 kg for 5 repetitions, more is not possible because my grip strength decreases and the dumbbell slips out of my hand
Deadlifts WITH lifting straps: 180 kg for 5 reps

Use Case Gabriella:
Deadlifts without lifting straps: 45 kg for 8 reps
Deadlifts WITH lifting straps: 75 kg for 6 reps

By using lifting aids, the weight can no longer slip out of your hand during all pulling exercises. Thus enable
lifting straps improved grip strength to handle more repetitions and heavier weights. This in turn leads to higher muscle fiber activation and better muscle stimulation. Muscle growth is accelerated! Because the forearm and wrist are relieved, this often automatically leads to better execution of the exercise.
Pulling aids are inexpensive to purchase, usually have a long service life and are easy to transport.

The aids are suitable for regular gym workouts as well as home workouts. Basically everywhere where dumbbells are used.

Attention: It is recommended to only use the lifting straps for specific exercises where a lot of weight is used. If you use the lifting streps for every exercise, the forearm and finger strength are no longer trained – which is not the goal. I personally use them for deadlifts, dumbbell and barbell rows, and walkung lunges with dumbbells.


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