It’s nearly end of the year, and as you know, New Years is by far the most common time when people set goals on what they want to achieve. I personally don’t see any reasons to wait for New Years to declare my goals. People always think a new year can change an unhealthy lifestyle and they can overcome bad habits, which absolutely makes no sense in my opinion. Although, I’m a fan of setting goals as they can motivate and keep you working hard on something, people often set too high or unrealistic goals.

In this blog, I’d like to write down my fitness related goals for the next few months. They’re probably pretty hard to achieve for me, but goals really should challenge yourself (but still be possible to achieve).

1.       First of all, I want to do as much fitness related things as possible. Unfortunately, I have to join the army for the next 4 weeks and won’t do much more than standing guard for most of the time, so there is not a lot of free time to work out. However, I will probably be able to train on weekends and after the army, I want to re-reach my actual fitness level as fast as possible. In other words, I will train a lot during Christmas break 🙂 I want to keep or re-gain my ring skills including combinations of front- and back lever, muscle-up, forward roll etc. at the beginning of January.

2.       Train like an athlete.  Functional fitness is the main reason why I train as hard as I do. I want to be the strongest and most agile athlete I can possibly be.  In my mind I keep the motto “never satisfied” and “stay hungry”.  If I can do this whilst improving my physique in a way I want, then that’s definitely a bonus. My goal is to spend a minimum of 90 minutes five times a week working out and developing new skills independent from my life situation. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a gym routine, but could also include a squash session or even a yoga/stretching class.

3.       Perform like a gymnast. Probably the hardest goal and the one which requires the most self-discipline is mastering the full planche, which is an advanced skill in gymnastics. The move requires a lot of shoulder strength and also body tension, and I definitely have to work hard on this skill as I want to hold the straddle planche for at least 5 seconds by June 2015.

4.       Last but not least, I will try to keep up my blog with hopefully useful articles all about workout routines, diet and skill development. My goal is to upload a new blog at least once every two weeks. It probably won’t be possible, especially during the next month while I’m in the army, but the average time of publishing a new blog post should be two weeks. I already got very positive feedback about it, and I hope I can motivate one or another following a healthy fitness lifestyle.

I’m not yet sure where my fitness journey will lead me to in the future.  At the moment, I’m just enjoying working out in my free time as it is super fun and I absolutely like it when I master a new skill or set a new personal record. In addition, it’s definitely a good compensation for my everyday office life.  I’m looking forward to continuing my passion for fitness in the same way as I do it right now. Moreover, I’m really thankful that I never got seriously injured. Every now and then I feel pain in my joints especially in my shoulders, but I think that’s normal and won’t stop me in doing what I do.

Please let me know if you have any wishes about what you would like me to do a post on.

– Tinu


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