Starting the day

Engine noises of passing cars interrupt my sleep and I wake up. I do not even have to look out the window to verify that it’s far too early to get up. Therefore I close my eyes again…

I open my eyes and stretch my arms above my head. My smartphone, which is located just next to me on the bedside table, shows it is 7.00am. Still pretty early, especially for a day during my vacation, but who wants to spend their whole holidays sleeping anyway?

After getting up, I start checking out Facebook news and Instagram feed on my computer. I notice some new likes and even comments on my pictures on Instagram, which I’d uploaded the night before. It seems like the IG-community likes pictures of the beach. And half-naked bodies 🙂

I open internet browser and check what’s new on YouTube. According to Steve Cook’s most recent video, he also seems to be on Venice Beach. I might see him over the next few days. That would be cool. I watch the whole video and enjoy my breakfast consisting of a huge bowl of oatmeal and coffee.

It’s gym time

I still feel a bit tired. No wonder – I’d spent the day before at the beach and we messed around at the bars in Santa Monica all day. Anyway, I mix my pre-workout-shake to boost my energy and pack everything I need for the gym, which is basically a bottle of water, a stretch band, my iPod and my GoPro. I ride my bike to the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, which is only 5 minutes away from my accommodation.

As soon as I arrive, I feel how the pre-workout kicks in. My body’s ready for a workout. I start with different pull up variations in the fabulous outdoor area of Gold’s Gym and then go over to ‘barbell bent over rows’ and ‘single arm rows’. At the end of my pull workout, I perform three sets of isolated biceps curls.

In between sets, a guy comes over and lets me know: “You’re the best looking guy here!” and then asks whether I’m gay or straight. After I have answered his questions, he is disappointed and says “Damn!” and walks away.

In Gold’s Gym, the mecca of bodybuilding, there are a lot of really huge guys. Some of them don’t even look like human beings anymore, but more like hulks. It seems like all they care about is getting bigger and bigger.

Bodybuilding Contest, Celebrities and Quest

I stretch out for approximately 15 minutes, drink my Whey Protein Shake and leave the gym. Right away, I see this bad-ass car of an Aston Martin parking right in front of the gym. Two guys hop out of the car and I recognize Fosey, who is a YouTube-comedian, (and must have hell a lot of money).  I realize that pretty much all the parking lots are occupied with expensive cars like Tesla, Mercedes and Porsches. All I can think about is that professional bodybuilders must have a really high salary.

I hop on my bike and ride to Venice Beach, where a bodybuilding contest takes place. To my luck, there are representatives of Quest Nutrition who distribute all kinds of giveaways like protein bars, cold shakes,protein chips and so on. I grab some of each, put them in my bag and consume a few right away. The protein chips are not really my thing, but the shakes and bars are simply delicious.

I head over to the original Muscle Beach where dark-tanned men and women flex and show their physique off. I was hoping to see some beauties in bikinis, instead there are amateurs who don’t even look aesthetic to me. I actually have no idea what the judge is looking for at such competitions, but there is no single women who appeals to me. And even the boys are not in good shape in my opinion. I’m generally not a smug person, but I think I would probably win this competition without any preparation.
Anyways, as the contest does not seems to be interesting, I leave the place and head to the beach. On the way, I see two guys who in contrast to the participants of the contest, actually do have muscles: Kali Muscle and Calum Von Moger. Both of them are attended by a bunch of interviewers and photographers.  I keep on walking and feel the breeze as I come closer to the beach.

Time to relax in Venice Beach

I take my towel and a book called “Losing my Virginity” out my bag, and begin to read. The book is the auto-biography of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson who has become a billionaire. It is all about  doing business, having fun and sex. I haven’t read a lot of books in my life, but this one entertains me pretty well.

An hour, three chapters and a short nap later, I decide to find some food. My choice falls on Whole Food as they always offer a wide variety of good food.  I don’t feel like  eating out of the buffer as I usually do, but I feel how the Sushi counter smiles at me. Even though it’s pretty expensive, I pick up one of those huge Sushi bowls, pay it, and turn back to the beach.

Californian sun, the beach, and yummy sushi. Can’t describe how satisfied I am right now. It’s literally one of those moments I wish I could capture and review them another time when life treats me bad.

Back home, I enjoy a cold shower and power on my computer. After spending   hours working on this post, it is time for a dessert: a greek yoghurt mixed with almond milk and protein powder which I received from Quest earlier the day.

While I brush my teeth and make myself ready for bed, I upload another video on Instagram to show the world how happy I am. I smile, feeling good about the day behind me and the days to come, turn off the lights, lay down in my bed, and slowly begin dreaming.

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