Adam Schneider Gymnast and Bodybuilder5

Adam Schneider – Bodybuilder and Gymnast

December 7 was one of those days when I needed some extra motivation for my scheduled PULL gym session (back and biceps). I sipped on my pre workout drink and was searching for some motivational fitness clips on YouTube.

Thousands of ‘fitness motivation’ videos can be found online, but honestly, finding the quality ones seems to be a challenge. Too many self-called “fitness pros” and “fitness experts” try to impress with dull transformation videos or workout clips showing very basic bodyweight exercises, and the especially good ones I have seen dozens of times already.

Last Monday however, I stumbled across a YouTube video titled “Schneider Adam –gymnast –bodybuilder –trainer”.

Personally, I’m a big fan of both worlds and I like to mix weight training with Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, and sometimes I even try Gymnastics. As a side note, there is a video of a bodybuilder trying to perform some gymnastics moves and surprisingly, he manages to do some muscle-ups on the rings. Pretty impressive. It’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it already.



Anyway, coming back to this video of Adam Schneider, my motivation increased immediately after watching it. In fact, even though I had finished my pre workout supplement by this time, I watched it another time. Not because I was too lazy to finally go to the gym, but I found inspiration and motivation in this video. It shows Adam working out in a Gym, doing flips on a tramp, performing bodyweight exercises on playgrounds and so on… Watch it yourself and make your own opinion about it.


As I found I could learn from Adam, I’d added him on Facebook and asked him if he’s willing to answer some questions for my blog.

So here we are. Let’s get some depth the fitness journey of bodybuilder, gymnast, and trainer Adam Schneider.

1. Who are you and how did you get into fitness?

I’m Adam Schneider from Budapest (Hungary).


I competed as a gymnast for many years. I started this sport at age of 6 and finished when I was 18. It taught me so many things such as discipline and the importance of good team work.


Currently, I’m working as an acrobatic coach in a Hungarian club and as a personal trainer in a gym. I love to mix bodybuilding and the functional fitness sport. After I had graduated the University of Sport in Hungary, I started to work. This is basically the reason why I couldn’t go to gymnastics training any more. Instead, I got a membership at a local gym, started to work out and get in shape. My current coach asked me whether I want to compete and so did I.


I was the Hungarian champion two times in junior as well as adult category, and I ranked second in the European championship, and 4th in the World championship.

Adam Schneider Gymnast and Bodybuilder

Adam Schneider is a Gymnast and a Bodybuilder

2. What do you like better, bodybuilding or gymnastics?

I love both. It is hard to compare these. Gymnastics is much more difficult. You have to focus more for your whole body. The best training is when you can mix this two type of sports. It brings the most beautiful physique I think.

3. How does a regular day in your life look like?

I usually get up at 6:30. I eat my protein-oat breakfast. Then I go mentally through my day, what and how I’m going to do. From 8:00, I have some guests who train with me. After that comes my first training usually in the gym. Every day different body parts. After that, I have a healthy lunch and go to the children to hold acrobatics lessons. This usually takes 3-4 hours, depending on how many children participate. Than my second training is held at the gym hall. (This is where I practice my routine, so basically gymnastics elements like saltos, splits, handstands etc. And in the evening I have more personal trainings in the gym. I usually go in to the bed at 23:00.

4. Please explain how you combine gymnastics and bodybuilding. How often do you practice gymnastics & how many days do you work out using weights?

My philosophy is simple: always try to be better than you were yesterday. If you live like this, you can progress more than you think. I train every day (except Sunday). One time in off-season, and two times a day when preparing for a competition (this means 3 months before contest). On average, I conduct 2-3 gymnastics training and 3-4 gym training sessions a week.

Adam Schneider Gymnast and Bodybuilder2

Adam Schneider

5. How do you keep your flexibility while gaining strength and muscle?

I stretch after every training for about 20 minutes. I focus on the body part which I worked on and also work on all 3 splits, which are essential for my routine.

6. How do you program your training?

The routine is very important for me. I can show my personality in that, and I always looking for new and creative elements. If I see something on Instagram or any other social media, I try to incorporate it in my routine. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about something else than how I can make the routine better.
In the gym, I get the strength and flexibility which is required for this, but nothing beats the power of repetitions and practicing.


  • Monday: Chest, Biceps
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Shoulders
  • Thursday: Back, Triceps
  • Friday: Cardio
  • Saturday: Underarm
  • Sunday: Rest day

And every day extra CORE


For example, I usually do the following ab workout 3 times in a training. It may look easy, but very effective. I do it with a short rest time of max 30 seconds between the exercises.

Ab Workout - Adam Schneider - Gymnast & Bodybuilder

7. What actions do you take for recovery?

For recovery, I use post workout drinks with a lot of water. Also, I often use the foam roller and sometimes I relax in the sauna. Of course, I also try to sleep well and live a life without stress.

Adam Schneider Gymnast and Bodybuilder3

Adam Schneider tries to live a stressfree life

8. What’s your approach on diet and nutrition?

Nutrition is always a hard topic. I believe it is even more important than the training.
I have a pretty complicated diet but I try to write down my main aspects. So the best is when you don’t hold a diet, but a healthy lifestyle.
I try to avoid the too much sugar and carbohydrates, and eat a lot protein. Drink only pure water (2-3 l). Eat protein in every meal! Eat 4-5 times at least per day. If you eat carbohydrates, eat from a good source, like oat, rice, potato. I eat 1 cheat meal per week, ‘cos I love pancakes 🙂

9. Could you tell us what you eat on a daily basis? Also, do you change your eating habits during off-season (or do you stay lean all year?)

I try to stay shredded all year round, so my nutrition is almost the same in off season and when I’m preparing for a competition. This is what I eat on a daily basis:

  • Breakfast: 100g oat, protein shake and fruit (blueberry, raspberry, cherry…)
  • 2nd meal: chicken with salt and garlic (500g) and rice with salad
  • 3rd meal: tuna salad with 3-4 eggs
  • 4th meal: same as the 2th
  • 5th: protein shake

10. Would you say your background as gymnast is beneficial for bodybuilding and vica versa?

Of course, as a gymnast I learned use my body well. It was a big benefit when I started trainings in the gym. And very important, as an active gymnast you’ll get a positive mindset. The really hard trainings, or even painful training sessions and the high repetitions weren’t so bad for me.

11. What supplements do you take regularly?

I use a lot of vitamins (multi vitamin and extra vitamin C), 2 protein shakes a day (20-25 g protein per sarvings), BCAAs and caffeine before trainings, Sometimes creatine and aakg in addition to my post workout shake.

12. How do you prepare for photoshoots?

Almost the same as for the competition. I take care of what I’m eating and try to be as shredded as I can. For example, I don’t eat and drink the previous evening of the shoot.

13. What are your next fitness goals?

In fitness, I’d like to be a Medalist winner in the next world champ. And maybe later I’d like to get the pro card.

Adam Schneider Gymnast and Bodybuilder4

Adam Schneider on the pbars in the handstand position

14. What three tips do you give to someone who’d like to increase its gym performance?

  • Don’t stop if it’s hurt, keep going and you will be the best you can be.
  • Fitness isn’t just about going to the gym. Be active and live healthy outside of the gym.
  • Chase your dreams! If you want something really bad, don’t calm until you’ve got it! That’s the key of success.

Thank you very much for your time, Adam!

I hope you keep active on social media. I’m sure you do not only motivate me, but also thousands of other fitness and gymnastics enthusiasts.

Thanks bro, that was really fun! I hope I could help you, sorry if I had grammar mistakes… I wish you the best!



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