Summer is pretty much over here in Switzerland, and temperatures have decreased rapidly over the last few days. I can’t complain about this summer as we could enjoy much more sunny days than usual. A thing I have noticed is that my performance in the gym, which means strength and flexibility, increased a lot during the summer months. The reason for that is on one hand I have been training consistently, but on the other hand, the sun.

However, it’s not the sun in fact which gave my superhero strength, but sunshine definitely enhances my mood and motivation for training. Neither backed up by science, nor proven by studies, but at least for me it’s true that sunshine helps me to boost my performance to a next level.

Summer time is happy time

I think it is safe to say that people generally are happier in summer than in winter. We tend to spend more time outside, hanging around at the beach or enjoying a barbeque on the balcony. I don’t know whether it’s due to vitamin D that the sun provides, or just the pleasant feeling we get being in the sunshine, but people’s moods are way better on hot summer days compared to average winter days.

As for me, I often took advantage of the good weather and replaced my usual workouts in the gym with outdoor sessions. Close to my home, there are two pull up bars. It’s really not a lot of equipment, but since I’m into calisthenics, there’s not much more you need. What’s more, I also brought my gymnastics rings or self-made parallel bars whenever I felt like it.

And then there’s the real advantage of sun

The real advantage of sun is actually that it warms up your body, which leads to better flexibility and less warm up time is required. It might not apply to everyone, but for me, this is definitely fact. In addition, stretching and foam rolling under the sun is way more enjoyable and at the same time, you also benefit from the UV light to get a nice tan.

Furthermore, I’ve used one or two situations to catch up with friends, and we had some cool conversations. One of my good friends, G-Yannick, recorded a training session and created this awesome YouTube video for me. It’s great work G! Well Done.


A little controversy to this article, it wasn’t the sunniest day of the summer. It was one of those days when it is overcast, almost gloomy weather. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I’m used to more sunshine. J As I said earlier, we enjoyed a good summer. Wish I could enjoy sunshine 365 days a year, but… Switzerland is definitely not the right place for that.

The solution

In the meantime, days got colder and the sun rarely appears. And with the sun, my flexibility goes. I might just need to stretch as often as before, but it’s hard to find motivation and I find it kind of boring.
There is a simple solution to my problem: Move to a place where the sun shines all year. Simple as that. Well, at least it sounds it 🙂
The weather is probably also a reason why all the people in my favorite workout place, Venice Beach, are so sporty and into fitness. Incidentally, I’m going to enjoy a three week holiday there starting in a few days, and I’m looking forward to it like a small child. Hopefully, I can record some training which I can share with you.
– Tinu
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