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Fitness Program

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Do you want to build muscles?


Do you want to build muscles?


Do you want to be in better shape and overcome your physical limits?


Are you fed up with empty promises, pre-designed fitness programs and trainers who are just trying to sell expensive supplements?

Martin Blättler - Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Then GymPerformance fitness program is exactly what you are looking for!

GymPerformance Fitness Program

What you can expect

Fitness Program Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan

A dietary plan customized to you and your goals, including supplementation recommendations

Fitness Program Training Schedule

Training schedule

An individual training plan for building mucles, fat reduction, improved performance, explained exercises and cardio instructions

Fitness Program Support


Bi-weekly check-ins to analyze your progress and set new goals for the upcoming period.

Gym Performance Fitness Program

Don’t make the same mistakes!

When I started my fitness training at the age of 16, I made many mistakes. I followed the wrong training, ate the wrong things and I wasted a lot of time. It was only through detours, ambition, passion and the acquisition of profound knowledge that I had eventually reached my dream body.
With the GymPerformance fitness program, you can save yourself from all this trouble!

Gym Performance Fitness Program - Before
Martin Blättler works out.

During the three-month coaching, we will work on your personal fitness goals so that you can achieve them with confidence. My online coaching package includes an individually tailored training program as well as a comprehensive nutrition plan tailored to your goal and fitness lifestyle. You can also benefit from a tailor-made supplement recommendation that brings order to the chaos of the vast variety of supplements.

To make sure you stay on the right track to your goal, we analyze your progress every month and make adjustments for your maximum success. In addition, I will be at your disposal via free e-mail and telephone support and answer all your questions at any time!

Gym Performance Fitness Program - After


What you can achieve with this fitness program

Fitness Program - Muscle Mass

More Muscle Mass

Train your muscles with a specific hypertrophy training

Fitness Program - Strength

More Strength

Push yourself to your limit and get stronger with each training session!

Fitness Program - Health


Improve your general well-being and feel vital and good in your skin.

Martin Blättler - Fitness Program
Fitness Program - Fat Loss

Fat Loss

Targeted weight reduction through exercise and optimized nutrition.

Fitness Program - Body Toning

Body Toning

Form your body and work on your dream figure

Fitness Program - Performance


Increase your training performance as well as your energy level and concentration

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GymPerformance Transformations

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Fitness Program

Your Advantages at One Glance

Individual diet teamplte
 Comprehensive recommendation on the most important supplements
 Custom training plan (bodyweight home workout or gym workouts)
 Access to the GymPerformance app
 Bi-weekly check-ins with Martin to analyze your progress
 Regular adjustment of the plans
 Free telephone and e-mail support

Fitness Program

What you will get

With the purchase of the fitness program you will receive full support from Martin in addition to a customized training plan and nutrition plan including supplementation recommendations. You will benefit from free support so that you can ask any question you might have easily and at any time by e-mail or phone. Depending on your progress and satisfaction with your results, your plans will then be adapted and optimized.

Fitness Program - Martin Blättler


GymPerformance Fitness Program

Comprehensive Nutrition Guide
From my own experience I know that 70 percent of success depends on the right nutrition. With the Gym Performance fitness program, you will not get an off-the-peg nutrition plan, but a comprehensive nutrition guide that accompanies you in the long term until you have reached your personal goal. Based on your fitness goal and your physical data, I determine your daily calorie requirements and your optimal nutrient distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Thanks to various food recommendations for main meals and snacks, you can put together your own menus according to your preferences. Boredom on the plate is a thing of the past. Learn how to use unprocessed food to prepare delicious dishes that you can also enjoy cold. This way, you will be able to resist every temptation and stay on track in the office, at school, in the lecture hall or on the construction site.

Individual Supplement Guide

There is one thing I learned from the athletes I trained with on Venice Beach: The simplest things are usually the most effective! This also applies to the use of dietary supplements. Therefore, the Gym Performance fitness program includes a clearly structured recommendation as to which supplements make sense for you and which will only cost you money.

Taking into account your goals and possible intolerances, I will put together a selection of suitable dietary supplements including dosage recommendations and show you a way through the vast jungle of supplements available on the market.

Your Personal Training Plan

A training plan can only work if it suits your goal! Depending on whether you want to build up muscles, get rid of body fat or optimize your fitness level, I will put together an individual training plan with strength and cardio elements. All fitness programs are based on proven training systems, which I myself have been using regularly for many years.

Your training plan is based on your personal training level and consists of exercises that you can do with free weights and equipment or on machines. I can also put together a training plan for you which only consists of the most effective bodyweight easy-to-do-at-home exercises. This way, you can choose your own time and place for your training!

Your Advantages

 Determine the number of your training days
 Work with training systems that suit your training level
 Maximum success through proven effective training methods
 Only the best exercises with free weights and equipment
 Optimal calorie burning through individual HIIT sessions
 Exclusive Bodyweight Exercises on request

GymPerformance stands for increased self-confidence and well-being, achieving fitness goals and adapting healthy habits.


About Me & My Passion

As an avid fitness enthusiast, I keep myself fit with a combination of weight training and exercises using my own body weight. Constantly looking for new challenges, I enjoy my mission to continuously increase and improve myself. I have tried out many different fitness programs and nutritional diets over the past years.

My acquired knowledge and experience allows me to create the best possible program for each fitness individual goal. Building muscle mass, reducing body fat, or simply keeping fit and healthy – you name it. I am ready to apply my accumulated know-how and help you on your way to your fitness goal. 

Gym Performance Fitness Program - Handstand
Your Personal Success Story - with the Gym Performance Fitness Program

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