It’s been three months since Jay* decided to buy a custom nutrition plan. Jay is 40 years old and when he bought the nutrition plan, he was already in good physical shape. However, Jay’s goals were to reach a body fat percentage in the single digit range, but he struggled getting there.
Jay’s eating habits had to be restructured and also his training needed some optimizations. Jay reported consistently about his progress and after a short period of time, results were not only visible, but also proven by facts: Jay dropped 3% of body fat (that means 2.6 kg of fat) in only 7 weeks!

*Name has been changed due to privacy protection

Putting in the effort

I firstly contacted Jay to get all his personal details like age, weight, goals, training, allergies, preferred foods etc. With all these facts as a basis, I created a complete nutrition plan including all caloric and macros information. In addition, I offered recommendations for supplements and advised him on various things like how to eat in a restaurant or how to optimize his training routines.
For most clients, the beginning is the most difficult part in adapting a new diet. Jay however proved strong self-discipline and followed the diet exactly from day one. Sometimes, questions regarding diet and training came up, which could have been easily resolved via email.  Finally, after only seven weeks, Jay reported about his impressive results:

 “Hi Martin,
Joyful news to start weekend! I’ve just done DEXA scan and the results are the following:

Date             Body fat in %        Body fat in kg    Lean body mass

20.05.15      13.3%                    10.0kg                65.6kg
10.07.15      10.2%                      7.4kg                65.0kg
Therefore I’ve dropped 2.6kg of body fat and only lost 0.6kg of lean body mass. I am truly satisfied!

I’ll go ahead following phase 1 of your plan until I reach a single-digit body fat percentage before I go over to phase 2, where maintenance of my body composition is the main goal.”

Jay’s nutrition plan consists of two different parts. Part one is based on the proven principle of carb cycling. Its reason is to drop body fat with minimal loss of muscle mass. Phase two is designed to maintain actual physique.

In the meantime, Jay’s body fat percentage is below 10% and therefore he definitely accomplished his goals.

Because of his satisfaction, he decided to write a testimonial to my services as a personal coach:

“The cooperation with Martin was a full success. His advice and recommendations on diet and exercising were motivating, realistic and could easily be transferred to praxis. He answered all my questions very detailed in very short answer times. I’ve gained valuable experiences which can be used even after the collaboration with Martin.

I personally think two factors are crucial in order to have success: On the one hand, you need to be disciplined and on the other hand, a coach who motivates and shows you the right direction is required. First-mentioned needs to be acquired by everyone’s own – for the latter I highly recommend Martin.”

It’s your turn!

I feel flattered but also pumped every time I get positive feedback from a customer and I’m confident in helping people to reach their future goals. Whether it’s muscle gain, fat loss, or mixing up your training with alternative training methods like Calisthenics, I am ready to investing in time and effort for the purpose of achieving your goals.

I look forward to report about your own success story soon. What are you waiting for?

Please note that this article and all correspondence between me and my client were originally written in German.  I tried my best to translate the article, especially the testimonial, as authentic as possible without any changes in meaning. The original blog can be found on

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