I found the following leg workout online and because I’m in vacation and have plenty of free time I decided to give it a try. What I like about the workout is that no equipment is required so that it can be done everytime and everywhere.

As today was my “leg day”, I started my day with this leg circuit. It might does not look very hard but it’s pretty intense as there are no rest times in between the exercises. I did three cycles in total with 3-4 minutes rest time after each cycle. It took me around 8 minutes per round and I really don’t know when my heart rate last time was so fast, that’s why in my opinion this leg workout could be done as high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Some people claim HIIT is most effective on a empty stomach, but because my goal is to improve my explosive leg power I ate a breakfast to feed my body with enegery before the workout. I don’t like to train on empty stomach in general due to fatigue and shiftlessness.

I did this workout in the park while it was burning hot and it’s maybe the reason why I was totally destroyed after three rounds. However, I decided to go on with some weights later the day.

After two big, carbohydrate-rich meals I went go the gym and followed my usual leg routine consisting of heavy deadlifts for strength, some leg extensions and curls and also a calf exercise in hypertrophie range. I ended up with a stretching session.

I will definitely use this circuit workout in future, but I won’t be able to train two times a day due to work. I will probably use it as warmup before my leg routine. I have to say that I never worked on my explosive stength before. I hope i can improve my jumping ability with this drill so I’ll be able to jump high enough to perform a backflip one day. 🙂

– Tinu


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