You are a fitness freak when…

      1. it takes more self-discipline to take days off than actually going to the gym. Attention here: this actually can lead to overtraining! (yes, overtraining does exist!)

      2. all you can see on this picture is fat, carbohydrate and protein.

Chicken, Rice and Broccoli

Instead of seeing real food (Rice, Chicken & Broccoli),a fitnessfreak notice the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats!


      1. you google all day how you could potentially maximize your muscle growth.

      2. the first thing you need every morning is your breakfast, which consist of oats, of course.

      3. you barely find any casual clothes in your wardrobe (because it is full with gym clothes, right?)

      4. you love wearing joggers and tracksuits. Not only in the gym, but always and everywhere.

      5. you find nothing more annoying than being at the gym and realizing that you forgot your iPod at home.

      6. regularly search motivational fitness videos on YouTube.

      7. spend more than an hour in the kitchen every evening to prepare food for the next day.

      8. you like to do ‘a little bit more’ than what’s written on your training schedule.

      9. you use every mirror to check whether your muscle is still there (and sometime you flex them, hell yeah).


Rule number one: Never leave the house before you’ve taken a photo of your body.


      1. you can’t stand when the equipment for your next exercise is being used by another person, especially by a beginner!

      2. you can’t go to bed without having your late night snack, which is casein or low fat quark.

      3. you love soreness and muscle ache.

      4. you would rather take two scoops of your pre-workout booster before going out than to drink alcohol.

      5. you see your friends every day. 6pm at the gym.

      6. you love food and can’t wait for your next meal.

Happy Spongebob

Just the thoughts of food make you happy.

      1. you love nothing more than seeing your muscle pumped up.

      2. you take protein bars with you when you go on a trip (you could get into catabolic state if you do not eat for a long time, huh?)

      3. there’s no better compliment than a statement like “You’ve gained some muscle, didn’t you?”

      4. the first thing you check when booking a hotel is whether there’s a hotel gym or at least a fitness center close to the hotel.

      5. you eat at least 200 grams of protein every single day.

      6. Myfitnesspal is the most used app on your mobile phone.

      7. everyone who’s bigger than you is on roids 😉

      8. you would never skip a workout for a date. Not even a date with Nina Agdal (What? Really? Are you kidding me?)


Gym or her? What’s your choice?


      1. Meal prep is more important than homework, or basically, everything.

      2. if all your playlists on your mobile phone or ipod are named “fitness”, “workout”, or “gym music”.

      3. you feel terrible when you can’t work out for two days or more.

      4. you feel depressed when you can’t handle the same as during your last workout.

      5. you need protein more than air in order to survive.

      6. every personal record is meant to be broken.

      7. you regularly check your body weight. And your abs as well 🙂

      8. you’re constantly in competition mode with yourself and yourself only!

You vs You

Better than you were yesterday. It’s you vs you!

      1. half of the pictures on your mobile phone are gym selfies.

      2. your Instagram feed if full with motivational quotes and pictures of people working out.

      3. your Christmas list consist of even more workout clothes.

      4. you got at least three different whey proteins at home. One of them has to be chocolate flavor.

      5. eating steak and egg whites for breakfast doesn’t sound weird to you.

      6. you tend to organize your entire day around the workout.

      7. you can’t wait for the next supplement order.

      8. you know the price of 6 eggs, 300 gram of broccoli and a kilogram of chicken breast.

      9. you can’t remember the last time you drank alcohol. (but that doesn’t really matter, as long as the pre-workout kicks in ;-))

      10. you want to go to bed early because you need at least six hours of sleep. Grow, muscles, grow!!!

      11. “Sorry, I can’t. I need to go to the gym.” Is your answer on basically every question.

      12. you drink at least three litres of water a day. And if you drink something sweet, it surely has ZERO calories.

      13. someone who doesn’t work out is not normal to you.

      14. you’re familiar with the terms superset and dropset.

      15. you literally know more about fitness than you know about your study field.

      16. your recent searches on google contain words like fitness, aesthetics, performance, gym, diet, muscle gain, bodybuilding meal, best supplements or ‘recover faster’.

      17. your favorite topic to talk about is training and gym talk.

Do You Even Lift

You do not lift? Then you’re not one of us.

      1. you bookmarked at least 5 videos from YouTube which you sometimes watch before hitting the gym.

      2. going to the beach without being shredded and ripped is a No-Go.

      3. you like to read Fitness magazines like men’s health or Muscle&Fitness even though there’s always the same content (and sometimes it’s even contradictive).

      4. you always check out the menu card before you dine out.

      5. you don’t consider fitness as a hobby, but more as a lifestyle.

      6. you know more supplement brands than car models.

      7. you hate when your plate is empty and you have to wait another two or three hours for the next meal.

      8. you don’t need gym advice. You know better.

      9. nothing is more appealing to you than hot fitness chicks (and muscular guys with sixpack for the ladies).

      10. setting new personal records feels like winning the lottery.

      11. you eat at least as much out of a Tupperware as out of a plate.

      12. you have some friends who take ‘special supplements’ for ‘massive gainz’.

      13. you are broke after you’ve placed your order on your online supplement store.

      14. you know what day of the weeks is meant when ‘chest day’ is mentioned.

      15. gym time is your favorite time of the day.

Gym Time

GYM TIME – the best part of the day by far!

      1. you hate to share food with someone (because you weighted it according to your macro needs).

      2. “I’ve got some things to do” stands for “I’m going to lift some weights”.

      3. going to the gym has become second nature.

      4. your hands are ripped off because you hang around the bars so much.

      5. more photos of your body than portraits are stored on your mobile phone.

      6. you know more supplements than different kind of fruits.

      7. you take daily take three to ten pills

      8. your thoughts are always in the gym. Your brain literally trains all day.

      9. shakers has become essential in your life.

      10. you rather miss at work than skip a workout.

      11. you know more about diets than a nutritionist.

      12. you love pancakes and waffles. Of course only the ones from MyProtein that fits your macros.

      13. you indulge yourself with a fatty burger every now and then, but only ‘if it fits your macros’.

If It Fits You Macros

Donuts? Burgers? French Fries? Sure, as long as it fits your macros!

      1. you have a shelf dedicated for all your supplements.

      2. you can’t do certain exercises because you’re constantly injured.

      3. you get angry when people ask you what sport you do or what your hobby is.

      4. you are never satisfied with your body. Proud, but never satisfied!

      5. people tell you shouldn’t work out so much.

      6. you’re a little bit addicted to the gym and exercising.

      7. you think Tupperware is one of the best inventions after Hammer Strength Machines.

      8. you have conversation about how much protein is needed in order to gain muscle.

      9. you have ever taken your clothes off in the bathroom to check your condition.

      10. you have ever mixed protein powder with low fat quark or yoghurt.

      11. you take more than the recommended dosage of one scoop of the pre-workout product.

Just One Scoop

1 scoop is for losers.

      1. you feel flattered if someone asks you whether you use steroids.

      2. you lose respect for someone when you learn that they don’t even lift.

      3. Paleo and Keto aren’t loanwords for you.

      4. you know at least three different online shops you could order your supplements from.

      5. you like to use heavy weights when other gym members are watching.

      6. when you remember all the food you ate yesterday, the day prior to yesterday and pretty much all the food from last week.

      7. you can name 5 different variations on the push-up.

      8. you think about how much you’re going to bench the next day.

Math Genius

The only math you do is calculating weights and reps.


      1. you have discovered every fitness and health relevant websites on the internet.

      2. you count reps instead of sheeps when trying to fall asleep.

      3. you know how a protein shakes smells when you forgot it to wash for a few days.

      4. Extra one for guys only: You’re a fitness freak when you see a girl with blond hair, blue eyes, thin waist, nice hips, long legs, size D boobs is squatting at the squat rack and all you think is “common, hurry up, my training plan says I can rest for 2 minutes only”.

So tell me, are you a fitnessfreak?

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